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Integrated Logistics Information Management System
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In recent years, great changes have taken place in transportation. Whether it is air transportation, ocean transportation or rail transportation, rapid development has been made, which has directly promoted the rapid development of logistics business. However, compared with the developed countries of the world's logistics industry, China's logistics industry is still in a traditional stage as a whole, and the concepts of many enterprises are still behind the times. The lagging management concepts cause information lag and poor logistics. It is this huge gap that makes improving logistics management level and standardizing logistics business operation procedures become the goals pursued by logistics companies. Integrated logistics management combines the characteristics of China's logistics business development, and refers to the development trends of international logistics, summarizes and summarizes the logistics business management process, and proposes new management ideas. Centralized data processing, clear management process, standardized business operations, and simple input interface. Provide reliable and effective management tools for the transformation of traditional logistics enterprises to modern logistics enterprises.

                                中鼎仓储物流综合管理平台 A cabinet manufacturing company uses Zhongding's integrated logistics and logistics management platform

According to the management framework of modern logistics, including the four levels of strategy, operation, network planning, information support, and logistics infrastructure, the level and content of logistics management are clear. The platform covers business processes such as warehousing, picking, distribution, and information networks, and provides customers with new modernized logistics management models such as centralized information processing, automatic data analysis, and centralized platform control.

• Supports multiple warehouses, multiple transportation centers, multiple projects, and multiple shippers

• Centralized management of business data

• Reserve various external interfaces to make the system easier to communicate with partners' systems;

• Support various business operations in and out of the warehouse

• Set up KPI monitoring and assessment management, decompose the company's business goals and development plans through key success factors and KPI indicator systems, and dynamically pay attention to changes in corporate performance based on KPI indicator systems

• Supports various pricing methods, can customize various freight rates system, and complete automatic cost calculation;

• Business is controlled by two lines of receipts and payments to manage the flow of funds in the logistics business.

The logistics system flows in accordance with the status of the order, real-time monitoring of the operation status of the order, and responds quickly to improve customer satisfaction; the inventory monitoring through the warehousing system, and timely adjustment of inventory, thereby reducing the overall cost of the logistics business; Integration and optimization of transportation resources. In short, integrated logistics management controls the three-flow operation process of logistics, information flow, and cash flow in the logistics process, so that it can be timely, accurate, and efficient, improve the operational efficiency of logistics enterprises, reduce logistics costs, enable enterprises to maximize their advantages and tap potential.


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