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Cross belt sorting equipment
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Cross-belt sorting system A high-performance, high-precision sorting solution that installs an independent belt conveyor on the loading unit to form a closed loop operation. It is suitable for complex orders, many varieties, multiple sorting, and high performance. Under the demanding sorting environment, it is suitable for food, cosmetics, clothing, mail parcels, etc.

Cross-belt sorting machine, because the tray on the carrying cart uses a belt that can run in both directions, to achieve the function of receiving items and two-way unpacking, to get rid of the impact of different weight, size and coefficient of friction, and increase the range of items 、 No drop in distribution processing, expanding the bagging channel, speeding up the speed of unpacking, shortening the distance into the grid, and the single-line processing speed can reach more than 10,000 goods / hour. It has the characteristics of accurate operation and smooth processing, which reduces the use of personnel and improves the efficiency of operation.

  • Can sort over 10,000 items per hour;
  • Front two-way sorting;
  • Handles extremely diverse cargo: cartons, bins and containers, parcels, clothing, plastic bags, etc .;
  • With its optional unloading speed, high unloading accuracy can be achieved according to the size and specifications of the cargo;
  • It can achieve interconnection with dense storage, packaging workstations, delivery areas, etc., and complete special operations such as cross-warehouse and delivery;
  • Fault-tolerant design, problems with individual conveyors do not affect overall work.

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